Nothing With a Twist is a concept blog attempting to bridge the gap between consumer and creator. Along with an extensive catalogue of artists and their craft world-wide, this page aims to link you directly to whichever unique, mystical, earthy or shiny object suits your needs and interests.

E.G.Etal, located in Melbourne, brings together a collective of artists, jewelry makers, and innovators to offer unique and extremely rare pieces at all price ranges. Artists from New Zealand and Australia make up the bulk of the site’s offerings, but international artists occasionally make an appearance with their wares. Each artist is profiled and catalogued, giving the purchaser an opportunity to get to know whose hands created their future item.  Pricey, but great if looking for particular, one-of-a-kind works. Clean, modern design is embellished with natural cut stones, layers, and intricacies. The layout of the site streamlines accessibility with a show-room type of glamour, emphasizing with minimalism the delicate and unique nature of the products. 

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